Elvis Lives And Gospel CD Release Dates

Elvis World Japan mentions the release dates of the DVD "Elvis Lives" (82876-58202-9) and the CD "Elvis Presley, Ultimate Gospel" (82876-57868-2). Both are set for release March 9, 2004, and in Europe one day earlier.
Source: Elvis World Japan / Updated: Jan 13, 2004 
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CD King (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 16, 2004report abuse
It is another BMG rip=off. We've already had the AMAZING GRACE set, then the PEACE IN THE VALLEY box-set, then Christmas Peace Double album with a Gospel CD. Now, the Untimate Gospel Collection. looks like it is the Ultimate Rip=Off.And I am sure it will not contain not even one alternate take. Enough is enough, let's spend our money wisely on the next forthcoming bootleg HOW GREAT THOU ART Volume 3 instead.
Albert (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 15, 2004report abuse
it really starts to sound ridiculous: "The Ultimate Gospel Collection". I mean, how many compilations do they need to find out what the ultimate collection is? And how come I never see any polls on BMG/FTD websites to find out what the FANS find the ultimate collection (instead of BMG employees)?

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