Elvis In Lipton Iced Tea Commercial

What do Elvis Presley, James Brown, Coolio and Willie Nelson all have in common? They're Brisk, Baby! The four music superstars, well, actually, their puppet alter egos, will appear together in a new television commercial for Lipton Brisk Iced Tea. The spot, set to debut in June, will be centered on The King's hit, "Jailhouse Rock." "This 'lineup' includes some of the most beloved musicians in the world," said Michael Hartman, marketing director of Lipton Brisk. "We've got the kings of rock and roll, hip hop, country, and soul all in one commercial and they bring 'Jailhouse Rock' to life in a way that is uniquely Lipton Brisk." The "That's Brisk, Baby!" campaign, which began in 1996, was created by agency J. Walter Thompson New York. Latex puppet versions of celebrities from Frank Sinatra to Sylvester Stallone to Bruce Lee have appeared in the commercials. In each spot, a pop culture icon is "off his game," but comes back to achieve greatness once refreshed with a few gulps of Lipton Brisk.
Updated: Mar 6, 2000 
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