Elvis In Billboard Magazine

Elvis is featured on the cover of this week's Billboard magazine announcing an article on the ticking away of copyrights on Elvis and other "older" artists music in Europe.
Source: Elvis 2nd To None / Updated: Jul 19, 2004 
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E.L.V.I.S (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 20, 2004report abuse
and this ties in with Elvis being featured on the cover of this week's Billboard magazine why mauriceinireland?
MauriceColgan (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 19, 2004report abuse
Some feel the Hayride recordings are already in the public domain as they come out on very inexpensive CDs and tapes.
Coincidently yours truly has been asked to help promote Shreveport's excellent plans to attract Elvis/music tourists to the Auditorium on Elvis Presley Avenue where the Hayride Concerts were broadcast. There is an Elvis museum room, and the city has commissioned a life-sized bronze of Elvis Presley as he looked in the mid 1950s.
James Burton plans a Concert there, to help celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Elvis's 1954 Hayride Debut, on the 16th October 2004.

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