Elvis Finally Returns A Letter

An Elvis Presley fan who wrote to the king of rock'n'roll nearly 40 years ago, has at long last received a reply. Karen Golz, 50, wrote to the "the King" while he was serving with the US army in Germany. She received the long-awaited hand-written reply after it was found among papers belonging to Elvis's German landlady, who apparently forgot to send it. The stamped and addressed letter, signed "Your friend Elvis", was found in the attic and passed on to an Elvis fan club in Germany who spent weeks tracking down Ms Golz. It is now said to be worth about £3,600. "My eyes filled with tears when I received the letter and realised that Elvis had written back to me after all," said Ms Golz. "When the Elvis Presley Appreciation Society called round to see me and told me what had happened to my letter and handed it to me, I could scarcely believe my eyes. "I opened the envelope and there it was. A letter for me all those years ago from my idol. I never stopped loving him." Karen, who lived in Oberhausen, West Germany, in 1960: had written: "It's my birthday soon and if you send me your autograph I promise I will marry you when I grow up." Elvis wrote a personal note at the end of his reply: "May you have a happy 11th birthday - and a lot of "Teddy Bears" (referring to his 50s hit) - your friend Elvis".
Source: Alt.Elvis.King / Updated: Mar 6, 2002 
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