Elvis CD at ALDI Super-market

The CD is one of those Hayride CD's with the famous 50's live recordings. It's not a BMG release like Aldi Germany had last year (a specially compiled 3CD set). This CD is a re- release from a 1997 Hallmark CD. A re-print with an other label and less sharp art-work. What can you expect for less than two dollar? Tracks: 1. Bill Collie Interview 2. There's Good Rockin' Tonigh (version 1) 3. Baby Let's Play House (version 1) 4. Blue Moon of Kentucky (version 1) 5. I Got A Sweetie (version 1) 6. That's Alright Mama (version 1) 7. Elvis Interview 8. Tweedlee Dee 9. Baby Let's Play House (version 2) 10. Maybelline 11. That's Alright Mama (version 2) 12. Blue Moon of Kentucky (version 2) 13. There's Good Rockin' Tonight (version 2) 14. I Got A Woman (version 2). Total playing time: 42:06
Source: Elvis4Everyone / Updated: Jan 31, 2001 
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