Elvis' Birthday Celebration In Memphis

Since we didn't see any review of Elvis' birthday Celebration in Memphis on the Official Graceland website, we asked one of our regular contributors to share his personal experience of the first Elvis event of the new Millennium. A Birthday Celebration in Memphis. By Steve Braun. Wow, what a fast moving, great weekend in Memphis. Things could not have been any better. Upon arriving (Friday afternoon) we made our way to mansion area to check out the Christmas lights. Now, this was really something to see. As pretty a lighting as I have ever seen. I hope they will be like this every Holiday Season. Saturday morning we made to to the dedication on the front lawn of Graceland. I was shocked at how many fans braved the misty rain to attend. The Mayor of Memphis proclaimed January 8th as Elvis Presley Day Memphis and Shelby County. A rep from the Chamber of Commerce stated, "if there was no Elvis, there would be no Chamber of Commerce." The crowd loved that comment. Next the "big-man" from TV Guide presented a plague to the Estate proclaiming Elvis as the Entertainer of the Century. Then he added, "and further more, Elvis will probably be the Entertainer of the next Century. Those comments really got the fans going. After the ceremony we were all treated to some Elvis birthday cake. It was goooooooood. Next on the agenda was meeting a group (14) from the chat room at EP's down on Beale. This turned out to be very nice. The food is great, as well as the atmosphere. I always have pecan crusted catfish and nana pudding for desert. Now it is time for the main course, "Elvis-The Concert." It was AWESOME. The Sweets just blew us away with their talents and love for Elvis. Ronnie Tutt beat the hell out the skins for the entire evening. "Play it James" was the true master he is. Glenn and Jerry did their things as only they can. Everyone on the stage was cookin'. And by they way, ELVIS WAS AWESOME as well. I have decided this is the "best of" Elvis live. It just doesn't get any better than this. The attendance was around 6,500 with over 1,500 of those being from across "the big pond." I think that tells the entire story. How many living entertainers put on a concert and fans come from all over the world. I don't think very many. Well, it was time to head back to Texas with so many great memories. After all, we had just experienced the true Magic of Elvis. If "Elvis-The Concert" comes near you, GO.
Updated: Jan 11, 2000 
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