Double Christmas

Besides the usual "Christmas at Graceland"- decorations the estate will be decorated by Little Rock philanthropist Osborne this year. He will string 2 million lights at the Graceland mansion in a display that will feature a 12-foot Elvis dancing atop a giant Christmas tree. Osborne will also decorate the grounds at the other site of the EP-Boulevard, Graceland Plaza. "Elvis was a big part of my life," Osborne said, promising he will fit his design into Elvis' own Christmas decorations. Jack Soden, chief executive of Elvis Presley Enterprises said "Elvis was a big Christmas guy. He would not only have been thrilled about this but he would have been out there sitting on the backhoe with these guys digging the holes," Soden said. "He would have loved it -- he would have absolutely loved it."
Updated: Oct 19, 1999 
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