Don't Be Cruel - Handwritten Lyrics For Sale

Elvis Presley was a lot of things - a gifted entertainer, a talented singer, a screen idol and a trendsetter. But as a rule, he wasn't a prolific songwriter. "Don't Be Cruel", Presley's 1957 chart-topping hit that he performed on his Ed Sullivan Show appearances represents one of the few songs that bears his name as composer. Now, the rare handwritten lyrics penned by Presley are scheduled to make music again to the tune of big auction dollars. On March 16 and 17, Robert Edward Auctions, Inc. will debut the "Don't Be Cruel" lyrics in their first public appearance as part of a huge phone/internet event featuring high-end sports memorabilia and other collectibles. Elvis wrote the lyrics in blue ink on the front and back of an 8 1/4`` x 11 1/2'' sheet of unlined paper. The title of the song is written along the top border below which Elvis has written, "Words and music by Otis Blackwell (& Me).'' At the conclusion of the lyrics, Elvis added, "Copyrighted by Presley Music Co.'' Below the lyrics is Presley's army mail stamp in red ink. You can spare a fair amount of money when you look up the lyrics in our songbase!
Source: Elvis World Japan / Updated: Feb 22, 2001 
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