Cover Loving You Australia

Here is the cover of the Australian region 4 PAL release of Elvis'movie "Loving You". It is the same cover as the 2003 U.S. release. "Loving You" will be released in Australia in May (In time for Mother's Day). This DVD will be remastered and with extra features including interviews with Martin Sheen, Carson Daly, and Jay Leno (amongst others).
Source: Elvis Australia / Updated: Apr 16, 2004 
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sam (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 19, 2004report abuse
The Aussies are just using the same cover as the US. If the US can't get it right who can?;)
Deke Rivers 6 (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 16, 2004report abuse
Don't the Ausies know the difference between Loving You & Jailhouse Rock because that is what's on the cover..a still from "Jailhouse Rock" & to add to that the bottom action pic from "Loving You" is reversed (back to front still)

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