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Here is the cover art of the free promo CD from the Dutch Elvis For Everyone fan club. Fans visiting the event this weekend in Hoogeveen, The Netherlands will get this CD for free. "The Presleys" is Volume 6 in the serie of EFE Promo CDs and this CD promotes the "Elvis By The Presleys" project. The CD contains 19 tracks, all about the life of Elvis Presley told by Elvis and his family. Learn more about "Elvis: The Entertainer", "Elvis: The Man", "Elvis: The Generous", "Elvis: Style" and more. The CD also contains a special message from Vester Presley (previously unreleased on CD). Recordings used for this special cd release are from the 1950's, 1960's & 1970's. ELVIS: THE ENTERTAINER 1. Madison Square Garden (Edited version from "This Is Elvis" soundtrack) 2. Hy Gardner Telephone Interview (Edited version from "This Is Elvis" soundtrack) 3. Vernon & Gladys 4. Tour Promotion ELVIS: THE MAN 5. Divorce Dialogue 6. Vernon Presley ELVIS: THE GENEROUS 7. The March of Dimes (complete) 8. F.D.R's Yacht "Potornac" 9. Gift for Lisa ELVIS: STYLE 10. Jewellery Dialogue ELVIS : ON STAGE 11. We Want Elvis! 12. Having Fun! 13. Introduces his father 14. New Year's Eve, Pontiac ELVIS: KARATE 15. Karate Dialogue # 1 16. Karate Dialogue # 2 SPECIAL BONUS 17. Vester Presley "A very special message" (previously unreleased) 18. Outtakes from "The Truth About Me" 19. "That's My Desire" For more details on this event go to our event section.
Source: Email / Updated: Jun 16, 2005 
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