Calling Elvis

The interview CD "Calling Elvis" that we mentioned last month, can now be pre-ordered at Amazon. Amazon lists it as being a FTD-release, but as far as we know it will be on the "Rock Legends"-label. Tracklisting: 1. "Hy Gardner Calling", WRCA-TV New York - July 1, 1956. 2. Telephone Interview between Elvis and "Buddy" - late '56 3. Hawaiian D.J. Tom Moffet calls Elvis in Bad Nauheim, Germany - Jan. 5, '59 4. Dick Clark calls Elvis in Friedberg, Germany - March '59 5. WARL's Don Owens from Arlington, TX. calls Elvis in Bad Nauheim, Germany - July '59 6. Dick Clark's second call to Elvis - Aug.,'59 7. Dick Clark's third and final call to Elvis - Jan. 8, '60 8. Tom Moffet calls Elvis - Mar. 19, '61 9. Arlene Cogan calling Elvis - early '70 10. Denver Police officer Ron Pietrafeso calls Elvis, early Apr.,'71 11. CBC Radio Broadcast about Elvisf first concerts in Canada - Toronto, April 2, 1957 12.Sports commentator Harold Johnson and Elvis talk live on the radio about the football game at the Liberty Bowl Stadium - Aug. 9, '75 13. Elvis receives the 'Sun Sessions' LP from a fan - Dec. 13, '75 14. Producer Felton Jarvis imitates Elvis at a tour-end party in July f76, and is "interviewed" by comedian Jackie Kahane
Source: Elvis World Japan / Updated: Mar 6, 2004 

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rock - vienna (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 8, 2004report abuse
well, must be a great cd! thank's for information.

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