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Buy An Elvis Gun

Jimmy Osmond, the youngest member of the singing Osmond family, is hoping to cash in on the family name with his new venture: the Osmond General Store.
The shop offers a combination of show business memorabilia, trinkets and home products.
Shoppers can buy a $ 2,195 toy pistol once owned by Elvis, a $ 3,995 pair of leather dress gloves worn by Marilyn Monroe, a $ 2,995 guitar autographed by Garth Brooks, or a $ 3,295 string tie with a silver horse owned by John Wayne.
"We worked with a lot of these people," said Osmond, 38. "I got the memorabilia from them, from their agents, and from other collectors. I guarantee it all personally. If its authenticity is questioned, I'll buy it back."
A corner of the store is dedicated to Osmond recordings, performance videos, hats signed by family members, and a line of dolls marketed by his sister Marie.

Source: Email / Updated: Oct 8, 2001
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