Libiri publishing will release a book on Elvis on July 1st. Author Zoey Goto wrote Elvis Style: From Zoot Suits To Jumpsuits. This is what the publisher has to say about the book:
Elvis Style is a...more
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Continuing celebrations marking the 60th anniversary of Elvis’ first appearance on national television, Memphis Recording Service will release a 2CD/100-page set titled ‘ELVIS ON...more
Updated: May 6, 2016
To celebrate the 60th ANNVERSARY YEAR of Elvis’ first appearance on national television, Boxcar Enterprises will release a LIMITED EDITION 400-page hard cover book (with slipcase), a...more
Updated: May 6, 2016
This new release will give you an inside look upon the making of Elvis' 25th movie Clambake. This book with over 400 pages contains more than 600 pictures. Most of them never published before and...more
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Erik Lorentzen and his 'Elvis Files' team will start a new book series. The first two issues in the 'Gold Standard Series' will be
In Person - The Florida Tour August...more
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Joseph Tunzi's Jat Productions announced a new book with the title Elvis ’70 Bringing Him Back Again. 

From the publisher:
Elvis ’70 Bringing Him Back Again is a new...more
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Here is the cover for the upcoming FTD/Flaming Star book Taking Care of Business - In A Flash. The book by David English, Pal Granlund and Paul Richardson will handle Elvis' life and work in...more
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David Stanley wants to pick another grain. A book entitled "My Brother Elvis, The Final Years" will be released June 1st.
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In May 2016 the book Elvis Selfies, a collection of photographs of fans taken with Elvis, will see the light of day. This is a unique hard back book featuring unique happy-snaps of Elvis Presley...more
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Here is the cover of the last volume in the Elvis Files series, out in August 2016.
Updated: Jan 23, 2016
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