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BMG Release Schedule 2000-2002

This schedule arrived in our mailbox through several different channels. We tried to get it confirmed by BMG, without success so far. Especially at the end are many questionmarks. We hope this aren't all false rumours. The only things we really count on are the collections.



In a Private Moment
Supposedly more homerecordings on the third release of the Follow That Dream-label.


Essential 6: Such a Night.
Probably one of the most interesting upcoming releases. Outtakes from the early 60's. Rumours are also saying it will be completed with 70's outtakes. Knowing BMG's strange policy that wouldn't surprise us. Although with this series they were pretty thematic until now.

The following CD's will be 'upgraded' as they did with the other original albums:

Promised Land
In Person

From Elvis Presley Boulevard

Elvis Country


Best of the Box
Single CD with selections from the Artist of the Century set. Again a CD we are really waiting for! (NOT)


That's the Way It Was (3 CD set)
(30th Anniversary set)
As far as we know there will be a soundtrack CD, a complete show and rehearsal- and live-outtakes on the third CD


The Country Collection (2 CD).

Didn't we have Great Country Songs already?


Essential Elvis Volume 7

Rumours only: 50's and 60's material.


Sold Out: The Las Vegas Boxset

Many questionmarks on this one. We hope the wish isn't the father to the thought.


The All Time Rock and Roll Album



Essential Elvis Volume 8


The Hillbilly Cat Live

Rumours, rumours, rumours. Unreleased live work from the 50's and 70's?

Standing Room Only.

Soundtrack to Elvis On Tour, will it really be released?


The 25th Anniversary Boxset

Commemorating 25 years since Elvis passing.

Overall it is a promising list and we hope all dreams will come true.
Updated: Sep 28, 1999
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