And Another #1

In France the DVD "68 Comeback Special" has reached the number one spot in the official DVD chart.
Source: Elvis My Happiness / Updated: Jul 12, 2004 
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jean michel (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 14, 2004report abuse
Both DVD sets are promoted on french TV !
Nimy (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 13, 2004report abuse
General sales in France, give '68 Special number 1. I saw many shops in Paris charted ALOHA(#1), '68 SPECIAL (#2). Anyway, it's fine for France... Last week, some shops were out of stock...
TCBn with TLC Bet (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 13, 2004report abuse
Right, that says it all! So glad to have our French amies
with us sharing our amour of Elvis... watching him rehearse
over and over just makes us all spellbound. His patience
and his humor and his desire for perfection are stunning.
This DVD and the Aloha one are uniting Elvis fans everywhere in keeping his dream alive that as his brothers, we "walk hand in hand".. merci beaucoup!
Renan (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 13, 2004report abuse
Nothing to say. He´s the best.

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