A New DVD "Elvis, The Colonel & Me"

This new region free DVD and video (PAL) will have it's world-premiere next week at the Elvis Unlimited Convention. It is ready to be released mid November 2001. The documentary contains 16 chapters (plus bonus) in which Ed Bonja (Elvis' photographer) documents the legend. The documentary is filled with never before seen footage of Elvis from the 70's. Especially the early 70's are very interesting. There is a lot of footage where Elvis is wearing two-piece suits. All the Elvis Footage is from mega collector Sherif Hanna's collection. Elvis Unlimited included 15 minutes of rare live footage and very rare footage of the Colonel visiting The Bonja family. All the footage has speak over or as for the bonus footage, instrumental music ala the 70's. Playing time: Documentary (1 - 16) c. 50 min. Elvis On Stage (17 - 18) c. 15 min. Slide Show (DVD ONLY) c. 5 min. Content 1) Introducing Ed Bonja (including very RARE Colonel footage / 2) Ed Bonja Introduced By Elvis (hear Elvis making fun of Ed) / 3) Impersonating J.D. Sumner / 4) Playing Poker / 5) Scarves (Colonel selling scarves to Elvis??) / 6) Stolen Cape / 7) Graceland On Album Cover / 8) Song Lyrics (footage and memorabilia) / 9) Aloha Poster (including the press conference from September 5th, 1972 with original sound) / 10) Bodyguard / 11) Closest Ever To Meet Elvis / 12) Weight / 13) The Almost Break Up / 14) Funny Story / 15) Photo Credit / 16) Favourite Photo / 17) Bonus: Elvis On Stage: 1971 - 1972 / 18) Bonus: Elvis On Stage: 1976 - 1977 / 19) Bonus: Slide Show (DVD ONLY) The price is: $39.99 for the DVD. There will also be a box-set which contains the DVD, the CD "Ed Bonja talks", the book "Elvis Shot By Ed Bonja" plus a signed and numbered picture. The price for the box is $59.99. For information contact Records & Books Tel.: +45 8646 9230 - Fax: +45 8646 9214 - E-mail: Bonja@elvispresley.dk
Source: Elvis Unlimited / Updated: Oct 26, 2001 
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