3000 Miles To Graceland

We usually don't give much attention to the "Impersonators world" but we'd like to make a small exception here for the "3000 Miles To Graceland. EPE licensed the music and the name Graceland for use in this movie, but had concerns over the violent nature of the movie. After all EPE has to look out for the King's image. "We haven't seen it yet," Jack Soden says. "But when they said, `violent,' I said, `You mean like `Die Hard' or `Gone in 60 Seconds'? And somebody said, `No, more like `Natural Born Killers. "our concern was whether the violence was gratuitous, which means to me, excessive and unnecessary" Jack Soden says. Here are some links from Elvis World Japan to movie reviews: The Commercial Appeal / TV Guide / Hollywood.com / Premiere.com / ABC News / Sacramento Bee / Jam! Showbiz / Philadelphia Daily News / Seattle Times / USA Today / San Francisco Chronicle / Sacramento Bee / Salt Lake Tribune / Cleveland Plain Dealer / Salon / Toronto Sun / Los Angeles Times / St. Petersburg Times
Source: Elvis World Japan / Updated: Feb 25, 2001 
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