Andreas Roth, author of The Ultimate Elvis in Munich Book, published in 2004 will issue another book. The new book is called An Army Trilogy Vol. II and will be available soon. It will be...more
Source: Email / Updated: Sep 1, 2015
Graceland records will release a set with 3 audience recordings from August 1976. Here is their press-release: 
Fayetteville, NC, Cumberland County Memorial,...more
Source: Email / Updated: Aug 29, 2015
The Rockwell Records label announced a new vinyl release entitled "It's A Sin". A 12 inch 'clear coloured' vinyl record album, featuring classic Elvis recordings from 1961....more
Source: elv75 / Updated: Aug 29, 2015
Elvis Presley continues to rule the charts.
"Elvis Forever," a new compilation offered exclusively at U.S. Post Offices to celebrate the release of the new Elvis Forever stamp, debuted on...more
Source: Various / Updated: Aug 28, 2015
Thursday, August 24, 1972 Dinner Show, Las Vegas Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas, NV
Label: Straight Arrow Special Products SA/SP 2015-35-02
Coming out soon is the new Straight Arrow single CD titled...more
Source: For CD Collectors Only / Updated: Aug 28, 2015
Following the remarkable success of our „From The Rick Rennie Mastertapes“ series, it is time to move on to yet another exciting project. Straight Arrow is pleased to announce this new 2CD...more
Source: For CD Collectors Only / Updated: Aug 20, 2015
Elvis, 3764 Elvis Presley Blvd, Memphis, Tenn. 38116, A Portrait In Music and 20 Fantastic Hits are released in the "how to make a quick buck out of stupid Elvis fans"-series. Here are the...more
Source: Elvis Australia / Updated: Aug 20, 2015
Yvonne Craig passed away at her home in Pacific Palisades, surrounded by her immediate family and comforted by Hospice yesterday night. She died from complications brought about from breast cancer...more
Source: Various / Updated: Aug 19, 2015
Bob Johnston (aka Joy Byers), writer / co-writer of several Elvis songs passed away. 
Bob Johnston, a staff producer at Columbia Records who worked on legendary LPs like Bob Dylan's Blonde...more
Source: Various / Updated: Aug 16, 2015
A diamond and gold pendant Elvis Presley gave Sammy Davis Jr. was among 160 authenticated artifacts sold Thursday evening during an auction at the King of Rock 'n' Roll's longtime Memphis,...more
Source: Associated Press / Updated: Aug 14, 2015
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