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July 24, 1972
Elvis had an ankle injury and went to Baptist Memorial Hospital for an ankle corset.
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"I really dig Elvis' attempts at the Gordon Lightfoot songbook. I love this track as I do with Early Morning Rain. I wish that more of this country/folk stuff would have been laid down back then. Add Don't Think Twice.. and what if he had made a full version of I Shall Be Released. It would have been a wonderful album with Elvis in that laidback voice he approached the above mentioned songs with. If only...."


One of the most iconic moments in Elvis' legendary career took place on September 26, 1956, when Elvis returned, as a newly minted star, to perform in his own hometown of Tupelo, MS - playing live...more
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Knowing the previous outings of Boxcar the expectations were extremely high after Elvis On Television 1956-1960 was announced. Does it live up to those expectations?more
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