You Can Have Her

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Words & Music: William Cook
Recorded: 1974/05/11, first released on Live In LA


sugartummy (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 3, 2013report abuse
I love the Hamilton version. Never heard Elvis take on it, but it sounds like a great song for him.
Ruthie (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 21, 2009report abuse
I am not saying it's a bad song, but I just don't understand where songs like this come from when there are so many great songs out there that I have never seen reviewed. And I have seen quite a few songs reviewed over & over. For gosh sake, he was the most prolific singer of the centry, dig a little deeper!
dgirl (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 20, 2009report abuse
Elvis loved Roy Hamilton, so Id have to say he loved this song. Just because he never recorded it properly in a studio doesnt mean he didnt love it. He loved The Great Pretender and many other Chuck Berry, Fats & Darin songs and didnt record them either. But song of the day? No. Its just a throwaway concert impromptu version, thats all. If you want songs in the rotation, just comment on them. A song needs at least one comment to become song of the day.
sitdown68 (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 20, 2009report abuse
You Can Have her...Made some noise for me, when I had it on a boot once some 20plus years ago. Can live without it today. I'd rather have to have a full studio recording of You're The Reason I'm Living. This was a happy moment. He happened to sing it on a March 22nd. My birthday as I found out browsing the net.
KingKreole (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 20, 2009report abuse
Clear evidence that the "Song of the Day" is randomly generated. My personal opinion is that this is not a great song to begin with, Elvis aside. Maybe Elvis shared my opinion, because his version is surely a throwaway. The fact that Elvis never seemed to consider recording this in the studio seems to suggest it was not necessarily a song he loved. Either way, it is what it is--a recording of Elvis doing a tossed off and unrehearsed cover of song in concert. Glad it exists, like everything we have by Elvis, but certainly not something special.
Swen (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 20, 2009report abuse
I have to say it: This is no way of treating an earnest working recorcing artist! Some day Elvis Presley just felt like singing this classic pop song, and somebody made a very bad, illegal recording of it. I mean this guy sometimes sang the same song up to forty times in the studio before he settled on a master for his own and our satisfaction. And now prople flood the market with awful concert recordings and endless out takes because of greed. Would have made him sad- and maybe angry too. It should not have been released, and it should not be "song of the day" on this otherwise great site.
JimmyCool (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 4, 2008report abuse
I really love this version, from the first time I heard it. I wish someday they find a soundboard of this concert (this one and the Pittsburgh, December 31th, 1976 concert to get "Rags To Riches" in good sound)
FJE (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 2, 2008report abuse
Roy Hamilton's original version of this song is simply awesome but Elvis, who in fact adored Roy,
seems to do quite a good interpretation of it, judged from the poor audience recording we have.
If only he did a decent studio recording of it!
i saw the light (profilecontact) wrote on May 20, 2008report abuse
I got like 5 or 6 versions of this songs, but Elvis' version is simply awsome. Gospel feeling, rock'n'roll, excitement - everything is here. It's a pitty that we only have an audience recording and that was sung only once in concert, cause this song is a way better then most of his mid 70's live repertoir.
Rob Wanders (profilecontact) wrote on May 20, 2008report abuse
great song, wishing it would come out on soundboard.
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on May 20, 2008report abuse
A song captured on tape by a fan at a concert is the song of the day? With all the great songs in the catalog this is picked? No further comment.
Tony D. (profilecontact) wrote on May 10, 2008report abuse
Captured on tape by a fan at a concert, this song should and could have been performed more often. Got a bit of a gospel feel to it.

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