Released by Elvis Unlimited is the book / CD combination “N.Y. 72”.more
Updated: Jun 11, 2005
Was the previous release on the label predestined to end up at the bottom of the FTD-pile, this one will be near the top, if not at the top. Without any doubt this one will played many, many times again. Thank you, Ernst and Co.!more
Updated: Aug 4, 2002 Shop
The latest release from FTD, the Nashville Marathon, is a gem. This is the kind of stuff that dreams are made of. The first thing I can say is that this should have been retitled ‘Essential Elvis - A Hundred Years From Now Part.2’.more
Updated: Aug 22, 2002 Shop
The soundtrack and movie, Speedway, were released in the spring of 1968 which mercifully ended the film career of Elvis Presley. It also signaled that Elvis was ready to move in other directions.more
Updated: Jul 15, 2008 Shop
This series can be a good introduction of Elvis in the Christian stores, gaining a new public, and in return a nice way to introduce that public to Elvis.more
Updated: Mar 10, 2001 Shop
In the regular FTD series we get a 2CD with two more or less complete shows. Is it double fun?more
Updated: Oct 25, 2008 Shop
Follow That Dream's focus on tour number 20 certainly is a tough one! This new CD contains a soundboard recording from New Haven, July 30 1976.more
Updated: Nov 28, 2009 Shop
In his celebrated, two-volume biography of Elvis Presley, author Peter Guralnick recounts a scene that underscores the drama involved in the young rock sensation's guest appearance on Frank Sinatra's television show in March 1960 -- a classic pop pairing that's highlighted in a DVD titled "Sinatra: The Classic Duets."more
Updated: Feb 1, 2004
A few years ago, record companies decided we needed a new sound format. For those curious to know why, here are some details.more
Updated: Apr 15, 2003 Shop
I have been an Elvis fan since the 1960's. So I have seen his music released in various ways. As a marketing graduate I think bmg/sony have run out of steam for innovative strategies to release his music.more
Updated: Jun 29, 2007
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