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You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'

Feb 15, 2002

The front cover is one of the more tasteful designs available. Unfortunately they used the same picture also at the inside and backside, but completely out of proportion, a real pity. Rick, who recorded the show, wrote the liner notes and a short explanation is given by the producers. A marvelous picture of E, which will also decorate the DVD "Behind the Image" is in the booklet, unfortunately some picture editing wasn't done too carefully.


The August 21 (midnight) show is very similar to the other 1970-shows. After the MGM crew packed Elvis cut down the play list. Still this show has some remarkable titles… it only turns out that they are all (very) short. During a break in "I Got A Woman" Elvis did one line of "Ave Maria". "Tiger Man" is announced as "the second record that I ever recorded"… Did he? We'll probably never know… Elvis is having a good time during the show, and some ladies are too, in a pretty irritating audible way. "Crying Time" is very short, but one of the reasons to buy this CD's it hasn't been released in this quality before. "I Just Can't Help Believin'" and "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" are among the highlights of the show. The latter has a "false start", probably because Elvis needed to clear his throat. During "Johnny B." there's some distortion in the recording. Probably someone bumped into a microphone. "Along Came Jones" takes more space on the track list than in actual show. After that one liner Elvis rocks on with oldies until a marvelous version of "Bridge" and "Suspicious Minds" bring us to the usual ending ("Can't Help Falling In Love" of course). But… it isn't the end of the CD yet. The producers added a great live version of "Oh Happy Day" (19070/08/14 M.S.) and "When The Snow Is On The Roses"(1970/08/24 D.S.).


Hardcore collectors should have this release of course. People that really like Elvis in 1970, but prefer soundquality above anything else, should go for one of the many BMG releases of the TTWII-shows.
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