Words – The Complete Lyrics Vol. 7

Dec 26, 2002
Words – The Complete Lyrics Vol. 7
Released by Dark Moon publications is the seventh volume of the ‘Elvis presley Words – The Complete Lyrics’. This edition covers the lyrics starting with “SC” (‘School Day’) and ending with “ST” (‘Stuck On You’). Design The format is the same as the previous volumes (of course). The cover has the picture of the bootleg ‘Bringin’ The House Down’ which might seem a bit strange since most fans who buy this book might expect a regular CD on the cover. But also song performed by Elvis but released on bootleg only are included in this book. The longest known version of the first song in this volume was released on this bootleg. Content The content is presented very clear; in two columns you get the lyric and the story behind the song. These backgrounds are very informative, giving each song a history and the background on Elvis recording on the song. Looking at the use of our song base, containing all Elvis lyrics, we know these are popular by fans. Some titles are only mentioned, but no lyrics are printed, when it is rumoured Elvis recorded a song, but no version has surfaced yet, e.g. ‘Son Of A Preacher Man’. Other novelties are ‘Southern made Donuts’, a commercial song Elvis recorded as part of his Hayride contract. One version has been found, but still has to see the day of light. Conclusion This series is more interesting than one might expect at first glance. Especially the background on each song makes this book a great read.
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