TigerMan Elvis

Apr 9, 2000
TigerMan Elvis
Next up in our series of sitereviews is another volunteer. This volunteer was a little careless while sending the form, because he forgot to add his URL. The effort we had to make to find his site will cost him stars proportionally. More seriously, we searched, we found and this is our verdict. Design Upon entering the site we found two menus, obviously a left over from a previous design, but the webmaster must clean up his backyard. It might be an idea to copy the "new" index over the old one, to be sure old links still work... When we thought we solved this "little" designproblem, we found a third (sub)menu when we folowed the link "Elvis Facts" or "Elvis news". Clicking on one of the items from that third menu, there was no way back. Yes indeed, we missed our notorious "back button". But enough about the menus. Looking at the use of images and colours we have a few remarks to. The webmaster uses quite a lot of different background images, mostly from other websites, or just a background colour. The same goes for the use of fonts (both colours and sizes). Besides some carelessness errors like two capitals at the beginning of a word or typos, our conclusion is that there doesn't seem to be a "master" design plan. Rating: 5/10 Content What does this site have for it's visitors? After the update button we find "Elvis Audio": "A request box" with both usual and unusual material. It might be there, but fore some reason we weren't able to play it on the latest RealAudio-player. This doesn't happen very often. A personal bootleglist without further information except for the date (when live recordings), probably this list is meant for trading only. Pretty interesting is the huge list of (early) concert dates (1954-1969) that follows next. This particular kind of information on this period of Elvis' career isn't seen too often. Compiling this list was probably a hell of a job and as the webmaster states it is probably incomplete. We didn't feel like checking every date, but knowing the (contradictional) information available, especially on the very early years, we wouldn't go blind on this list. Maybe it would be more valuable, when the sources are listed: "Many books" doesn't say too much. Our question is, why not make the list complete and add the seventies? The information about the last concert, facts about The king and "his own words" are nice, although all these items are pretty short. The last piece of the site is a list of guitar tabs. There are some very strange links on this site, several images which are links on other pages, have a border around them, indicating there's a link behind it. Curious as we are we followed it, just finding an empty page with only the image we just clicked on, very informative... Rating 7/10 Conclusion It looks like the webmaster is redesigning his site, so hopefully he can use our remarks while improving the site. For now we can't give out an award, but one of our motto's is: We'll be back!
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