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They Released Those Alternate Sides By Mistake

Nov 15, 2004
Every now and then someone at RCA / BMG (Heritage) messes up and the wrong take of a song is released. This compilation contains a collection of those mistake releases.


The design of this CD is stolen from the Japanese 10 CD set from a few years back. A nice image by itself, but unfortunately not shown in a very high quality. Which goes for the complete cover. It looks good, but with a little more effort it could have been better. The info in the booklet is basic, but complete.


Only this week a new mistake saw it’s first release on CD, the overdubbed / edited version of "Merry Christmas Baby" was released on a Elvis Christmas CD for the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Chain. This compilation contains a collection of those mistake releases.

With all the out-takes bootlegs and of course the “Follow That Dream” collectors series a lot of out-takes have seen the light of day, so this release contains nothing new. That is pretty obvious considering the theme and title of this CD. For new fans or those who do not want to buy every Elvis release for just one rarity, this CD is an interesting release. For those who have it all, this is simply a nice collection with several alternate versions of the songs we have on other compilations.

The fact that these alternate talkes were released officially (although by mistake) garantees a good audioquality. Only on "Come What May" and "A Little Less Conversation" we hear record scratches.


After the live rarities compilation from earlier this year, this studio rarities release is a nice addition, and a money saver for the starting collector who can get twenty fife takes with just one buy.

Track listing:

Old Shep (Alternate take 5) / Your Cheatin' Heart (Alternate take 9) / Wear My Ring Around Your Neck (Undubbed) / I Need Your Love Tonight (Alternate take 9) / I'm Yours (Without Elvis' talking part) / Anything That's Part Of You (Alternate 8) / King Of The Whole Wide World (Extended sax solo) / Easy Question (Take 4) / I Feel That I've Known You Forever (Film version - Different from the master) / You'll Be Gone (Take 4) / Guadalajara (Master) / Long Lonely Highway (Take 1) / Tomorrow Is A Long Time (Re-mix) / Come What May (Master take 8) / If Everyday Was Like Christmas (Overdubbed Organ) / Stay Away, Joe (Take 17) / All I Needed Was The Rain (Alternate version) A Little Less Conversation (Take 15) / Suspicious Minds (Without fade) / Release Me (Re-mix) / Bridge Over Troubled Water (Without false applause) / I Really Don't Want To Know (Re-mix) / Make The World Go Away (Re-mix) / A Big Hunk O' Love (Alternate live version) / Promised Land (Different harmony by Elvis)
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Gladyslove (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 20, 2004report abuse
Good. A nice compilation with good songs. This release is as good as the BONUS SONGS on double LP and on CD. For a collector like me it´s worth buying. Elvisly yours.

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