The (unofficial) Elvis Home Page

Nov 15, 1999
The (unofficial) Elvis Home Page
The webmistress says she’s not a psycho Elvis fan who thinks he's camping out in her backyard. She just visited Graceland one time, scanned in a bunch of photos and postcards, made a Web site, and the rest is history. Well history she surely made, this site was probably the first Elvis Presley website around and is known to probably every Elvis fan on the WWW. A site like that can’t be missed in our reviewseries. Design What we wrote in the small introduction probably describes the design of the site best. It has the look and feel of a second-generation website. Most webmasters will recognise the entry of frames in the HTML. The site is designed in three frames, a menu, a page for the content and a bottom bar that allows you to a back to the startpage. The frame borders are basic windowstyle (grey) and the frames have all different background colours (purple, white, yellow, green, blue and so on). You might say it’s a very colourful site. Navigation, some menu items (lyrics) and links on pages (Graceland tour) in the site are links to other (dead) sites, but it is not clear that you’re leaving this site. So before you know it you’re on a different site or somewhere lost in cyberspace. Our advice, links to other sites in menu and on pages could perhaps open in a new window, or some extra information should be added to the link. But it has to be said, the plain and simple design make this page (with almost no images) pretty easy to navigate. There’s always a possibility to get back to the entry-page and you always have the menu-items available. The frame with the link back to the first page is a bit unneeded though, since there’s always the menu for that too. Rating: 6/10 Content Looking at the menu, we find there: Elvis Links, Elvis Software, Elvis Pen Pals, Elvis Lyrics, Elvis' Last Will and Testament, Elvis Literature, Elvis and Aliens, Is Elvis Alive?, Space Elvis Chronicles, Elvis Sightings, A Personal Page, Publicity and Fame and finally a Site Map. Our conclusion: all kinds of Elvis information found on the first generation Elvissites. The most special special item is the Elvis Penpalls link, a nice way to bring Elvisfans together. Most links refer to a plain textpage with not too much on it, most digitised information or letters and emails. It looks the site hasn’t been updated for quite some time, although the site says something else (Last updated October 13, 1999). For a fast and interactive media like the Internet the site could be updated a bit more frequent. Rating 5/10 Our main conclusion is that this page achieved a certain position among the Elvis Presley Websites around the World Wide Web, but is now an antique. The design is pretty much outdated and so is the content. Our advice this time aren’t any concrete points, the only thing to say Andrea is to update the site to the third millennium. The subjects she chose give a broader perspective then most Elvissites, but it lacks (up-to-date) content. If she could add that we think the site could probably regain its outstanding position.
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