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The Selection Of Elvis (HDCD)

Sep 27, 2004
Is this 101st HDCD compilation from Asia worth a selection for your collection?


The slipcase this CD comes in looks very good, all pictures of Elvis in his Army days. The design is taken from the “50 Greatest Hits” compilation from a few years back. They only changed the color from red to brown. But the big surprise is inside the booklet that is a spin-off from “Highlights From Cats” with a lot of images from the musical about one of men’s favorite pets. It shows the attention the producers gave this release …

And just for fun, some of the titles on this release: “Guliter Man”, “Bridge Over Troulled Water”, “Suspicious”, You Don’t Have To Say You Lvoe Me”, I Want You!, Need You!, I Love You!” and “He’ll Have To Ge”.
On the discs (with images from mountains) they added the track listing too, and there they managed to give some (more) titles a misspelling, or even used another way of misspelling: “Guiter Man”, “Indessribbably Blue”, “Don’t Hip Falling In Love”, ”Don’t The Best I Can”, “Hi’ll Have To Go” and “It’s Cmpossible”.


The person who selected the tracks for this compilation picked several non-standard songs which make this selection a different compilation to play. “And I Love You So”, “Down In The Alley”, “I’ll Remember You”, “Doin' The Best I Can”, “Angel” and "Woman Without Love” are tracks we don’t find on many selections.

The audio quality is very good, and again, you need a HDCD-player to fully enjoy the HDCD sound (if these CDs are really mixed for better sound, as they are probably bootlegs, since Elvis' music is released on the BMG label, not on "Universal" or "Arista", the labels mentioned on the cover).


A good and original selection of standards and some original choices well worth a spin every now and then, just forget about the track-listing and the booklet, they show these CDs from the far east are simply (unofficial) rush releases to cash in on Elvis.

Track listing
CD 1
1. Goin' Home
2. The Girl Of My Best Friend
3. Guitar Man
4. Too Much Monkey Business
5. Fever
6. Big Boss Man
7. Indescribably Blue
8. Singing Tree
9. U.S. Male
10. Fools Fall In Love
11. Stay Away
12. I'll Remember You
13. Let It Be Me
14. Bridge Over Troubbled Water
15. Suspicion
16. Down in the Alley
17. Come What May
18. Mine
19. You Don't Know Me
20. Spanish Eyes
21. It's Only Love
22. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
23. And I Love You So
24. Love Me

CD 2
1. Love Me Tender
2. It's Now Or Never
3. Are You Lonesome Tonight?
4. Don't
5. Loving You
6. Can't Help Falling In Love
7. Love Letters
8. I Want You, I Need You, I Love You
9. That's When Your Heartaches Begin
10. True Love
11. Young And Beautiful
12. Doin' The Best I Can
13. Something Blue
14. Angel
15. That's Someone You Never Forget
16. Just Pretend
17. For The Good Times
18. Woman Without Love
19. He'll Have To Go
20. It's Impossible
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