The Polls

Nov 15, 1999
The Polls
Above is the link to vote for Elvis at Time Magazine's site. This is one of the thousands and thousands of polls regarding this century and/or millennium that are available on the Net. These polls show that we, Elvis-fans, are very loyal and probably cheating by voting over and over again. But if so, it is for the good, because Elvis certainly deserves the title "Artist of the Century", even more than The Beatles, who certainly are a good second. Much better at least than Charles Aznavour, who is second behind Elvis in the "Artist of the Century"-poll of Time. That does show those polls aren't really worth a thing, but what the heck: as long as our man is first, it's okay! Being first in "Person of the Century" goes a little far, but at least Elvis gave millions and millions of people some (or a lot) happy moments. That is something you can't say of many people. Also in the Event of the Century Elvis is doing well with his "teaching the American teeners how to Rock and Roll", currently the third important happening of the century. The Beatles are the best-selling act of the 20th century, according to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and Elvis Presley is this century's performer with the most certified gold and platinum albums and singles. Thanks to RCA/BMG for the poor maintainance of their work, otherwise Elvis was the best selling too. On a VH1-poll Elvis was chosen as the best live artist, a tie with Tina Turner. Of course to us it isn't really surprising Elvis is doing well. Even less surprising is our own poll. We knew Ann-Margret should be the most popular Elvis girl. But let us assure you, it's fun to read all the comments. We decided to keep the poll going on for a while before we officially proclaim a winner. By the time we'll share some of the comments too, but we will have to censure them, because some of them are very hot! The current standings are: Ann-Margret: 20 votes Shelly Fabares: 5 votes A bunch of others: 1 vote The pictures are taken from MGM's Girlll Happy with Elvis, which site can help to vote when you can't decide. So again, it's still possible to vote!
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