The Legacy Of Elvis (?)

By Wouter BroekmanApr 30, 2000
The Legacy Of Elvis (?)
Out of personal interest, I once started writing down all references and mentioning of Elvis in movies and TV-Shows. I noticed that a lot of - well known - shows and movies mention Elvis in some way. So on my homepage I started collecting the "references". In two years time, I got about 40 movies, TV-shows and commercials in which Elvis was mentioned. These are only the broadcasts that I saw, here in Holland. Some people mailed me other references, but I haven't added those since I haven't seen them myself. In the beginning, I was really amazed at the results of this little test. In fact, I noticed that almost every famous and successful movie or TV-shows has mentioned Elvis at one point. To show you this - quite amazing - statement, I will show you some examples: The movies that mention Elvis are for example: Men In Black, The Nutty Professor, Hot Shots!, The Mask, Honeymoon in Vegas, Cone heads, Cadillac Man, Forrest Gump and Inner space. Since I am not a huge movie fan, I am sure there are hundreds of others.
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