The King's Covers

Oct 4, 1999
The King's Covers
It seems like our idea wasn't a very good one. Of the 400 people that must have seen last week's request we got exactly zero, null, niente, nada reactions. It's a pity because we thought we had a nice column and a way for a nice interaction with our readers. Especially because some recent and upcoming releases might be very interesting in this case. Tom Jones' recently released Reload contains a cover of I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone. You can only recognise the song because of the lyrics because this duet between Tom and James Dean Bradfield (Who the hell? He's from Manic Street Preacher, also not really familiar) brings a very heavy version of the song. Also on this album is a great rendition of Motherless Child, the song used at the beginning of the gospelmedley in the NBC TV-Special (1968). The upcoming release of Paul McCartney's Run Devil Run (tomorrow) will contain 4 covers of songs Elvis did too, 5 if you count Brown-eyed Handsome Man. The songs are: I Got Stung, Party, All Shook Up and Shake a Hand. You can listen to excerpts on Elvis World Japan and read more background info on Macca-Central. Tom Jones reloads some all time classics and Paul McCartney is going back to his roots...
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