The King

By Rick RennieOct 18, 2002
The King
I bought this DVD for $7 including shipping. I am glad it was so cheap, because there wasn't much good in it. It showed clips from the early years intertwined with B&W clips from film trailers and the '68 Comeback special in less than usual quality and in B&W. The Dorsey Shows, Milton Berle and Steve Allen Shows are covered, but not Ed Sullivan. The Army years are touched upon. Priscilla and her marriage to Elvis were only briefly mentioned, as were his later years performing live. There are many better documentaries out there and I can't recommend this one. The clips that are used are all familiar to Elvis fans in much better condition, and it just briefly skims the surface on most of the facts of his life and career. It is about 80 minutes long and what little color clips it uses aren't even in good color. It is mostly B&W. I'd suggest that you wait for a better documentary than this one is.
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