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The Hottest Thing That's Cool

Feb 14, 2002
The last review of an book release from Elvis Unlimited we started with the words "It's not often that we are in need for words" and these words are appropriate now again. This third book issue by the Danish fan club is without a doubt their best release so far. This is no surprise looking at the source of the photos, mostly Alfred Wertheimer's photos, compiled and designed by Ger Rijff.


This hardcover book has 112 pages and is full colour. The photos are printed on high quality glossy paper. On most black and white images the producers used some kind of colourfilter, mostly blue, brown or green, which gives the book the "full colour" look. Lay out and page design are both very tasteful and over thought.

The book starts in chapter one with the story "Down at the End of Lonely Street" by Robert Ward for the earliest photos. He takes us back to 1956 when he, for the first time, listens to something, well, strange. It's a new record titled "Heartbreak Hotel". There's nothing in his entire life that hit Robert ward with the force of the first moment he heard Elvis Presley sing "Heartbreak Hotel".

The story ends in 1977, when he is called by his father to hear about Elvis' death.

A good introduction for a book dealing with the start of Elvis' nationwide career.

The book is full of billboards, concert posters, songbooks and, mostly unknown, pictures of the king on stage, The King with his fans, The King heating up a Richmond babe. Most of the book is about his performances in Richmond, Virginia, in 1956. Photographer Alfred Wertheimer takes us with Elvis and him on their trip from New York to Richmond. A. Wertheimer had all the time to get these beautiful pictures of Elvis. He followed Elvis everywhere he went, which gives us good view on his preparation for the upcoming shows.

Looking at previous issues by Ger Rijff we knew he can be trusted to present pictures beautifully. He used paper clippings, ticket-stubs and covers of rare worldwide record releases the add a story behind the photos.


As we started with a quote from the review our previous Elvis Unlimited Release, we also want to end with a quote from that review, "We can not come up with much more than a deeply meant "Go and buy it! You won't be sorry"".

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