Such A Night In Randers

By Martin KlosterNov 3, 2003
Such A Night In Randers
The greatest gospel show in Europe this year took place in Denmark this weekend. What a night it was! For the first time ever Elvis Unlimited held a 100 percent gospel show at Vaerket in Randers, Denmark this weekend with famous Elvis-personalities. Among them was legendary bass player Bob Moore, who recorded with Elvis in the 1960s and according to himself has appeared in around 17,000 recording sessions with singers from A-Z. Including them famous names such as Frank Sinatra, Andy Williams, Patsy Cline, Roy Orbison and Elvis. Also present were The Sweet Inspirations (featuring good looking Estelle Brown, Myrna Smith and new member Potria Griffin), Stephen Ackles (from Norway), Maarten Jansen (from the Netherlands, who just released a Christmas CD with Elvis songs), Denis Jale (from Austria), Bobo Moreno (Danish singer), Stan Urban (from Scotland) and a very good band. But the man in front would specially have to be a completely splendid Bill Baize (the former member of The Stamps). Just listen to his voice: It's high and out of this world fantastic! A God given talent. And Elvis would probably have said: God damn it Bill, you're destroying the speakers with that voice! Anyway, Bill closed the show at sold out Vaerket and got a standing ovation from the crowd after completing his beautiful “When It's My Time”. A song he sang at Elvis’ funeral in August 1977. According to Bill Baize it was strange to sing this song at Elvis' Funeral. The song does mean a lot to me. It was one that Elvis loved to hear me sing and it was a special song to him which he made special to me, as Bill Baize reveals it. It was the first time ever Bill Baize was present at an Elvis related show and he will probably be back after this amazing gospel show according to the priest himself. Well, you're always welcome Bill!
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