Released by the “Flash” import label, trying to make a few bucks following the great “Legendary Performer” releases volumes 6 and 7 from the Madison label, are volumes 3 and 4 in the Legendary Performer” series. Does it meet the standard set by the Madison label?more
Updated: Jan 20, 2006
Many fans have been waiting for a follow up in the “Legendary Performer” series. Volume five of the series has now been released by the Madison import label.more
Updated: Apr 12, 2005
After a six week delay due to a faulty pressing we get the follow up to the highly acclaimed Legendary Performer Volume 5. Madison continued the series started by the late Joan Deary in style.more
Updated: Sep 17, 2005
Madison is trying to beat FTD regarding release-speed and now they came up with Volume 7 in this series. Is it worth to keep up with them?more
Updated: Oct 23, 2005
Released by Madison is volume 8 in the “Legendary Performer” series. Do they finish the job BMG didn’t finish (stopping the series at volume 4)?more
Updated: Mar 22, 2006
The volumes in both the “Tiger Man – An Alternate Anthology” and “Legendary Performer” series keep popping up. Elvis fans must be very rich as these bootleggers appear to be in it for the money only as they add nothing new to the material already available. I may as well review these two releases as a package to keep up. Volume 11 of the Tiger Man series has already been announced.more
Updated: Jan 28, 2008
Overall this release is a good promotion of Elvis in the 25th anniversary year and it has put Elvis in the spotlight all over the world. We gave you a lot of reasons to like of dislike this version.more
Updated: Jul 2, 2002 Shop
The re-issue of "A Little Less Conversation” marks the end of the re-issue series.more
Updated: Apr 24, 2005 Shop
Are Elvis fans this insecure? Do they really need confirmation that they like an artist who is still popular? Well, I do not care at all, certainly since it is not Elvis doing it, but the commerce.more
Updated: May 20, 2002 Shop
RCA and EPE ,I wish you would get your acts together and " A little less conversation... a little more action please ! But That's just my opinion.more
Updated: Jun 30, 2002
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