They were telling the members it was not allowed anymore to be a member of several Elvis-webrings.more
Updated: Jan 23, 2000
The fifth single in a line of seventeen #1 re-issues.more
Updated: Feb 15, 2005 Shop
Elvis Unlimited did an outstanding job releasing Elvis' "Spoken Words" on both this and the above mentioned "Press Conferences". The sets look great and together the form a complete collection. This is not a release you'll put in your player every week, bmore
Updated: Mar 31, 2002
Jerry Osborne collected probably anything but studio-chat for this book. Stage talk, interviews, letters, cards, telegrams; it's all there.more
Updated: Jul 21, 2000 Shop
Another release in the “Danish talking series” from Elvis Unlimited. Does it add to what was released already?more
Updated: Jul 17, 2004
This series is more interesting than one might expect at first glance. Especially the background on each song makes this book a great read.more
Updated: Dec 26, 2002
This site has a lot to offer to the (average) Elvisfan. If you're looking for a certain - hard to get - release from some obscure country, this is probably the place to be.more
Updated: Feb 6, 2000
Together with the essential “His Hand In Mine” FTD released “Writing For The King” earlier this month. Is this book/cd combination essential too?more
Updated: Dec 15, 2006 Shop
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