Up to now 2001 was a guaranty for quality. This time they confirmed that once again. Unfortunately not in the quality of the recording itself, but the date of the show alone is interesting enough.more
Updated: Dec 13, 2000
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Gravel Road Music released another “oldie”, this time the January 29, 1971 Dinner Show, previously released on the 2001 label. Is it an improvement?more
Updated: Apr 1, 2013
Late December the new release on the FTD label "So High", containing the last session years in Studio B, Nashville found its way to the fans.more
Updated: Jan 9, 2004
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In his editorial for the new editon of the OEPFC magazine, Todd Slaughter, proposes another strategy to open new markets for Elvis. He is interested in your opinion too, you can email him (follow the link to the magazinepage) or use the reactionform.more
Updated: Nov 13, 2003
There is a crazy phenomenon in the world of being an Elvis Presley fan that can be a little on the scary side. It is the desire by some to judge their love for Elvis against that of another Elvis fan.more
Updated: Jul 29, 2010
This week it's time for a Dutch site, once again. Like a lot of the Dutch sites this one is focusing on "collecting Elvis", let's see if it reflects the name a little by being a "Solid Gold Site".more
Updated: Aug 20, 2000
Last week the new FTDs arrived, first up is Sold Out!, which contains 2 shows from 1974.more
Updated: Jul 23, 2013
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Early 2003 we started the FTD Top 15 together with "For Elvis CD Collectors" and "Followthatdream.com." Nearly 800 fans voted for their favourite FTD’s so far.more
Updated: Jan 1, 2004
A three week vacation as Elvis fan does mean you have a pile stacked up… so let’s start at the top of it (which is actually the last CD I received). It’s Audionic’s Something, the third unreleased (at least in stereo) TTWII show on their label. This time it’s the August 11 Dinner Show.more
Updated: Jul 25, 2009
Something For Everybody is one of those Elvis Presley albums that just glides under the radar. It was a solid, if not spectacular release. The priorities at this time were films and their accompanying soundtracks, plus his single releases which would receive massive airplay and sell millions of copies. The original release of Something For Everybody would contain no memorable or classic songs, yet would still reach number one on the charts.more
Updated: Jul 7, 2008
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