Since there are no extra tracks, you do not need this release for the music itself if you have the original. Still we think it might be worth the effort to get rid of the original and buy this one.more
Updated: Mar 4, 2003 Shop
For a "Best Of" collection the mixture of songs is well-balanced with all kind of Elvis material present. From the fifties, sixties and seventies, gospel, blues, movie, rock 'n' roll, live and so on.more
Updated: Oct 13, 2001
Released on the Jack Daniels label is this release with the very original title “Greatest Hits”.more
Updated: Dec 6, 2007
Memphis Recording Service just released a CD full with live recordings of the 1950s.more
Updated: Oct 11, 2012 Shop
FTD released another classic album that originally never was. Guitar Man is the extended outing of the late 90s CD Tomorrow Is A Long Time.more
Updated: Apr 24, 2011 Shop
Released some time ago was the import CD “Guitar man Sessions”. The CD is a re-release of the “Going Home” CD-R (factory made) from a few years back. Is it an improvement?more
Updated: Apr 12, 2004
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