When viewing the content the first thing you'll notice is that the picture quality is pretty sharp. Too bad, since you can see all the dust, scratches and other distortions too well now.more
Updated: Jan 27, 2002
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One of the three releases on the FTD in July 2006 is the soundtrack of “Clambake”. Was it worth buying?more
Updated: Jul 16, 2006
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The DVD is an excellent story about the shaping of a man who changed pop culture and the music and the energy are very evident in every second of the show.more
Updated: Feb 17, 2002
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This release is a very interesting documentary on Elvis' first album and rise to fame. Because of the great original footage and original music in this great quality you'll probably watch is more than once.more
Updated: Dec 18, 2001
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"There's this great link between Elvis and Clinton," said Rutherford.more
Updated: Oct 8, 2001
My thoughts are that it is a fantastic set. We could have had a little less Nashville and movie songs but I'm sure we will get more in the next months and years. The highlight for me is no question the 50's stereo master's they sound as if they were recorded yesterday. And it is also nice to have the On Tour Texas show in stereo.more
Updated: Jun 7, 2003
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This box ranks highly in our “essential” section because of the great selection of songs, finally a complete “On Tour” concert and the crystal clear quality in which it is presented to us. Or in Elvis’ words “Thank You, Thank You Very Much”.more
Updated: Jun 27, 2003
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The opinion of Dan Siciliano, Las Vegas, about the closing down of an audio bootleg site.more
Updated: Apr 13, 2002
Decades ago this material was fun to listen to on an audience recorded cassette tape. Does it survive as a soundboard release?more
Updated: Oct 15, 2004
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Although announced by Southern Comfort previously, Madison released this February 23, 1970 show. It’s a pity the better labels seem to be battling (as we saw several times before in the Elvis world), but how’s the product?more
Updated: Jun 22, 2007
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