Because of the screening in British theatres last week, BBC reserved much space for the King. We included both views by BBC News and BBC Online.more
Updated: Mar 18, 2001 Shop
The year 2000 marks the 30th anniversary of the MGM concert film Elvis, That's the Way It Is.more
Updated: Aug 7, 2000
Only thing we can say is we hope that the re-release of the movie will receive the same treatment like this - by far the best ever - BMG-release.more
Updated: Jul 20, 2000 Shop
A great release on some of Elvis' most inspiring Las Vegas performances. See Elvis both behind and on stage.more
Updated: Jan 27, 2001 Shop
If you don't know the documentary, you should definitely get it, but be prepared for the awful production. We really hope (in vain probably) they did a better job on the other two volumes.more
Updated: Jun 16, 2002 Shop
This DVD is volume three in the Great Performances series which are now re-released on DVD. Volumes 1 and 2 were available on video before, volume 3 becomes available for the first time.more
Updated: Aug 4, 2002 Shop
The company who released this DVD has a name you must remember when you see this DVD. Payless Entertainment, and this is no joke!more
Updated: Jun 11, 2002
Finally available, the Elvis clip collection, was it worth the long long wait?more
Updated: Nov 3, 2007 Shop
This site was probably the first Elvis Presley website around and is known to probably every Elvis fan on the WWW. A site like that can’t be missed in our reviewseries.more
Updated: Nov 15, 1999
SONY / BMG didn’t release this LP on CD, now a (Dutch) fan club did.more
Updated: Dec 28, 2006
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