So, we have to say, this book is surely worth buying. The die-hard collectors simply must buy it to keep up, while for the 'newbies' it is a nice book with a relatively nice price to start collecting Elvis-picturebooks.more
Updated: Sep 13, 2000 Shop
Released by the International label is the CD “Showtime At The international”.more
Updated: Apr 20, 2005
Did Joe Tunzi's JAT Publishing go into the restaurant business? It may appear so as he published an oversize menu. Fortunately for us fans, it contained a CD.more
Updated: Jun 6, 2009 Shop
International recently released a book with 2CDs or should I say 2CDs in a book focusing on Elvis first engagement in Las Vegas during 1971.more
Updated: Sep 6, 2009
FTD paired two classic bootlegs from the December ’76 tour in one set. Both Burning In Birmingham (High Voltage) and A Hot Winter Night In Dallas (At Full Force) were re-released recently, but now we have an official release at last.more
Updated: Jun 6, 2010 Shop
The latest release from FTD "Silver Screen Stereo" is by far the best "movie songs" release in a long time. What a treat to hear these songs, some we have forgotten about and some, well, it's just been a while.more
Updated: Dec 5, 2001 Shop
Together with the first FTD movie songs release, "Out In Hollywood" we have a good overview of some of Elvis' better soundtrack songs. This "Out In Hollywood" is much stronger than it's predecessor though.more
Updated: Dec 21, 2001 Shop
Are you serious about the King of Rock and roll, I mean really sirius? Well, then your dream has come true. For the first time ever a radio station on satellite radio is completely Elvis.more
Updated: Jul 3, 2004
Gravel Road Music continues the That’s The Way It Is-series with what is Elvis’ best show, probably ever. Did we really need this show again, since BMG already released most of it?more
Updated: Sep 18, 2011
Elvis was clearly Slippin’ ‘N’ Slidin’ during the April 30, 1976 performance in Lake Tahoe. The bonus tracks make this CD worth wile although audience recordings are not the kind of CD you pick out very often.more
Updated: Jun 29, 2003
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