The whereabouts of Presley's girlfriend who was at the world's first superstar jam session went unknown for decades. Until now.more
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A FTD I was not really looking forward to. The Jungle Room sessions aren’t my piece of cake generally.more
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Moody Blue was released June 19, 1977. Less than two months later Elvis Presley was dead of a massive heart attack probably caused by a combination of prescription drugs and excessive weight gain. Moody Blue would become a huge hit album reaching number three on the pop charts and remaining number one on the country charts for ten weeks. It would go on to sell three million copies in the United States.more
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We get the complete masters of the Graceland sessions here, but from the original LP "Let Me Be There" is omitted. Because it is available on "Live on Stage in Memphis" already, the cover states.more
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BMG clearly stated that these releases are not for the fans, but for the general public.more
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This DVD is a good addition to any Elvis collection. The appearances by Elvis are classic and show the rockin’ rebel in his rise to fame. The overview is complete.more
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This compilation takes you through Elvis career, from 1953 to 2007 (yes, you’re reading this correctly).more
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Finally a show from the June 1975! No, this isn’t the right start for the review of this CD, since it seems to be the zillionth, we even have “A Capital Performance” of the same day. Is it still worth buying?more
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Memphis Recording Service released Music City earlier this week. The album is the vinyl counterpart of their Studio Sessions '56 release from last summer.more
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Released on the 20th August from The Memphis Recording Service (UK) Ltd and manufactured in the E.U is My Baby Left Me c/w One Sided Love Affair.more
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