For the review of Disney's Lilo And Stitch we sent two special reporters, Brian (eight) and Jesse (eleven), to the theatre to do a review for us. Here are the results of the jury.more
Updated: Jul 28, 2002 Shop
The latest Disney movie with an Elvis touch is receiving good reviews. We collected a few for you.more
Updated: Jun 23, 2002 Shop
A five minute interview from Andrew Hearn with Lionel Hudson, a RCA worker for sixteen years who appeared in the 1970 documentary Elvis: That's The Way It Is.more
Updated: Jan 1, 2002 Shop
It is a program that "gives hope and opportunity back to those who may have lost it. It is also very important for me personally and my family.more
Updated: Jun 12, 2000
The first solo tour ever of the King of Rock's Daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, kicked off at the House of Blues in Las Vegas. Have I heard better singers, of course! But have I ever seen Elvis' daughter, not until Saturday night, and I’m glad I did! It was worth it just to see her smile...more
Updated: Sep 16, 2003 Shop
Finally the official website of Lisa Marie is on-line. For very long the "under construction" sign was all we saw. We now have a fan-site for all those Lisa Marie fans. We do wonder what she did so far to have a "fan", except for being the daughter of...more
Updated: Nov 26, 2000
"Don’t Be Cruel" Lisa Marie Harper asked, when she volunteered for a review. We never have the intention to be cruel, but honesty may hurt sometimes.more
Updated: Nov 1, 1999
Something you won’t expect in the classic album series, the EP of this movie, but here it is. At least it brings some new outtakes!more
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Elvis' performances in Hawaii always have had something special, he performed the classic 'Aloha From Hawaii' there. Is this performance, released on the White Star label, special too?more
Updated: May 9, 2004
Released by the IF label is the first concert recording in what appears to be a live series. Together with this album the label released another live concert from Las Vegas.more
Updated: Feb 23, 2006
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