Gravel Road Music released another oldie in a new jacket and they promised in a better quality too. Did they succeed with this December 13, 1975 Midnight Show?more
Updated: Jan 30, 2011
This DVD offers you the opportunity to take your personal Graceland tour visiting parts of the mansion not available in the "live" tour.more
Updated: Aug 27, 2000
Part Three: Beginnings.<br> "Everyone has their own story of how they found Elvis." Tupelo Tour Guide, August 14, 2000more
Updated: Sep 17, 2000
Part Four: Candlelights and Goodbyes<br>
"Words can never express how I feel. So, listen to my heart and know how much you are loved and missed." Message left by "Mary" on the stone wall at Graceland.more
Updated: Sep 24, 2000
Part One: The Film, By Aleksandra Rebic.

"When through one man ,
a little more love and goodness,
a little more light and truth, come into the world,
then that man's life had a meaning."

Author Unknownmore
Updated: Sep 4, 2000
Part Two: The Garden, By Aleksandra Rebic.
"We Miss You, Elvis." Card placed on the gravestone
of Elvis Presley
August 14, 2000more
Updated: Sep 11, 2000
It is my humble opinion that when EPE made an about-face and gave the go-ahead nod to the impersonator promotions, they turned their back on all of the work they have done to promote Elvis positively. People will always look at Elvis without the respect he deserves as long as these foolish, spotlight-grabbing clowns are allowed.more
Updated: Nov 29, 2002
We received an email from Alec Rebic offering us a story written for a Chicago newspaper about the experiences visiting the Graceland mansion in 1982 and again in 1999. It's one of those trips we'd all like to make ... sometime.more
Updated: Mar 5, 2000
The previous edition of the official Graceland tour DVD was produced in 2000. Even in a house where nobody lives any more, things can change in eight year: time for a revamped version.more
Updated: Jun 18, 2008 Shop
I picked up a copy of this Czech fan club release recently. Although released a few months back, an unreleased Elvis performance is always worth a review.more
Updated: Mar 14, 2009
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