The second book on the Follow That Dream label is again a cooperation between Sherif Hanna and Ernst Michael Jorgensen. Are these two well known names in the Elvis world a guarantee for a great release?more
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Pianist Floyd Cramer, a self-taught player who became one of the key session players during the “Nashville Sound” era, was elected posthumously to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Cramer joins a select group of topflight instrumentalists whose contributions so monumental.more
Updated: Mar 21, 2003
The new release of the Madison label brings us another incomplete show from the June 1975 show. This time it’s the afternoon show of June 8 in Jackson. The evening show was already released by Madison on “A Capital Performance”.more
Updated: Jul 11, 2004
Thanks to a distortion in the television signal we had a good reason to put on “Follow That Dream”. A movie in which breaking down something (the car) is the start of this Elvis “vehicle”.more
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Out now is the soundtrack of the movie that gave the fan's collector's label its name; "Follow That Dream".more
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Elvis Unlimited published a Follow That Dream catalogue. The label approaches its 40th release in five years time bringing us fan many collectable songs and performances.more
Updated: Oct 17, 2004
The opinion of Paul Sweeney, Canada, about the FTD label.more
Updated: Apr 20, 2002
The footsteps of Elvis exhibition came to Amsterdam, finally a chance to "walk in his shoes". Before we "criticize and accuse" we walked a mile in his footsteps (we couldn't get into the boots that were on display).more
Updated: Aug 28, 2005
It might look strange why we didn’t review THE Elvis Presley page on the world wide web earlier.more
Updated: Dec 27, 1999
These CD's are interesting to those who collect out-takes (or in this case movie versions) and missed the import releases from the past, or those who stick to "official" CD's only and do want to have these out-takes.more
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