This promo CD for the ELV1S 30 #1 Hits is a great package with a lot of extra on CD-Rom. including the single 'Burning Love'.more
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There is one thing about the upcoming ‘30 #1 Hits’ that bothers us. The title is wrong since Elvis now has 31 #1 Hits, if you follow the sources BMG uses. So the correct title would be ‘ELV1S 31 #1 Hits’.more
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Released in Asia is (another) compilation, this one comes in HDCD format, is it worth getting one of these?more
Updated: Sep 3, 2004
Some editions ago we had an interview with Lex Raaphorst, a name you kept bumping into surfing the world wide web looking for Elvis.more
Updated: Oct 25, 1999
Elvis Presley released his second long playing album, Elvis, on October 9, 1956. Elvis was then a star. His first album, Elvis Presley, and the single “Heartbreak Hotel” had sold millions of copies. He had it all - voice, looks, popularity, wealth and charisma.more
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FTD released 2 double CD sets last month: Destination USA and Elvis, the second album in the classic album series. Let’s take a closer look on the latter first.more
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Most fans know Elvis was a person who shared his wealth with strangers on the street giving away cars and houses, but also to people in need without anybody knowing about it.more
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The book claims to hold information on Elvis' Sun Sessions that was never before made public, straight out of the personal notebooks of Marion Keisker.more
Updated: Jul 15, 2004
Las Vegas love affairs are notoriously short-lived, making the one that is in its 47th year all the more special.more
Updated: Feb 16, 2010
Released by the TinTin label is their second release. Or should we say their second re-release?more
Updated: May 28, 2006
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