I promised myself over and over again not to buy anything “just for the collection” anymore. Still I found myself with 4 DVDs that I probably won’t watch more than once (if I can make it all). The first one that I sat out completely is Charro!more
Updated: Aug 20, 2007
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This is a “reaction release” by FTD, since it was announced after bootleggers showed the intention to re-release the shows. Both shows from October 1976 were released before as Chicago Beat (14th) and Bringin’ The House Down (15th).more
Updated: Dec 19, 2010
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Thanks to the world wide web and eBay we picked up a copy of this Chinese five DVD box containing Elvis' essential concert movies.more
Updated: Mar 20, 2005
The World Wide Web is faster than SONY / BMG; the new "Christmas Duets" CD is already available for download if you know where to look. From that download I wrote this preview and since it was available in a high audio quality (320 KBS) it will probably be very close to the sound of the actual CD when it will be released next week; if only for the complete duets.more
Updated: Dec 26, 2008
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This CD is not aimed for the avid collector, but probably part of BMG’s strategy to repack Elvis’ catalogue for a new generation of fans and slim down the catalogue to a selected set of albums.more
Updated: Nov 4, 2003
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One week after Christmas we finally tracked down a copy of the special edition of Christmas Peace. Is it worth getting (after Christmas)?more
Updated: Jan 2, 2005
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Last Friday this release by a new label, Venus Productions, was stuffed in my mailbox. Can it give me a Christmas feeling Today, in May?more
Updated: May 9, 2010
For those of you unfamiliar with the heart of Elvis Presley, just think of Christmas, and you will know it. Elvis believed in and loved God.more
Updated: Dec 17, 2000
Another year, another Christmas release … what now, what next where to … ?more
Updated: Oct 15, 2005
Is it a book? Is it a double CD? It is an ‘Audio Visual Presentation’, it is City of Angels, the latest outing of the Audionics label, covering Elvis’ shows At The Forum in Los Angeles. All of them (1970, 1974) in the book and the ones from 1974 on Silver disc too.more
Updated: Apr 27, 2015
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