This follow-up to last year's successful "30 #1 Hits" again features a winning collection of 30 hits and important singles spanning the King's career, all remastered from the original tapes.more
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Here’s a release I’ve really been looking forward to: Black Angels in Vegas. Everybody knows the funky Black Angels story by now, so let’s not go into that. The reason I couldn’t wait to get this particular 2CD set, was because of the “complete package deal”: two cd’s plus an 85 pages booklet. And was it worth the wait? O my golly, yes.more
Updated: Aug 5, 2009
Besides fans ripping off other fans with their useless bootleg releases – and I do mean the real useless ones, the news reached a new high in blackness with an EPE press release about Elvis imposters yesterday.more
Updated: Nov 17, 2006
Blue Hawaii is probably the movie most associated with Elvis Presley. It is also his most popular and endearing. Its soundtrack would sell three million copies and spend an astounding 20 weeks atop the American music charts. This was good news and bad news for the career of Elvis.more
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FTD just released a 2CD version of Blue Hawaii, the beginning of the end according to a lot of fans.more
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The most perfectly realized piece of pop culture confection is Blue Hawaii, the seminal Elvis Presley vehicle.more
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MRS pointed its arrow on another movie, Blue Hawaii this time.more
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The second remix by Italian DJ Spankox is out; another hit?more
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Released on the new Hot Dog import label is the blues compilation “Blue Rhythms”. Will it give me the blues?more
Updated: Aug 29, 2008
“If Only…” is the main thought after reading this book. If only Elvis could have exploited his interests like mr. Klein makes us believe, if only Elvis stood up against the Colonel, refusing doing the silly movies, if only…more
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