Next up in our series of reviews is another voluntary. We saved the link, now let's see if it was safe for Teresa to sign up.more
Updated: Apr 30, 2000
For us buying the material we already have we can only conclude that bootleggers learned from BMG's releases. For us as fan the text on the cover of this release says what we wanted to say to Fort Baxter, "Thank You Very Much”.more
Updated: May 21, 2003
Finally … not only because it took so long to find a copy, but also because this fifty years old song finally hit the charts.more
Updated: Jul 17, 2004 Shop
Another compilation from the Far East in HDCD format, is it “All Right”?more
Updated: Sep 19, 2004
It was long awaited and after a few delays it is finally here. That what is to be the definitive collection of material recorded and shot for the MGM classic Elvis: That’s The Way It Is. Is it really the definitive release?more
Updated: Mar 8, 2009
We picked up this edition of "That’s The Way It Is SE" from China, it was released last august on the Flying Pig label. Since it is somewhat of a collectors item, we decided to do a review so you can determine if it is worth getting.more
Updated: Nov 16, 2004
Sony Legacy released two versions of TTWII. A 2CD set and an 8 CD/2 DVD box-set. I went for the full monty.more
Updated: Aug 27, 2014 Shop
That’s The Way It Is has something magical. It was upon its announcement for the FTD series already in my personal top 5, a friend of mine who skipped the last 10 or 15 FTDs pre-ordered it immediately. Is it hype or is it just?more
Updated: May 4, 2008 Shop
With a release entitled "That's All Right Any Way You Do", we can only wonder, is it?more
Updated: Dec 3, 2005
Elvis Presley returned in November of 1970 with another superb album release. That’s The Way It Is was a somewhat mislabeled title as it purported to be the soundtrack from the documentary of the same name. This album only contained four live tracks while the other eight were from the studio. Why RCA did not issue the live performances from the film remains unknown. Nevertheless, That’s The Way It Is remains an excellent release as he presents eleven songs that had never appeared in his catalogue up until that time.more
Updated: Jul 19, 2008 Shop
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