Released on September 14, 2009 is DJ Spankox's follow-up to last year's love it or hate it remix album “Re:Versions.” The original made quite a buzz in the Elvis world, with some fans (including Mike Stoller, who penned two songs from this new release as well) enjoying the remixes, and others disgusted at the prospect of the album. Regardless, as an active member of the Elvis community, Spankox has taken the criticism constructively, and released a new album of dance mixes for the fans.more
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Here are three articles in relation to the Q&A TV special on Sam Philips, "The man who invented Rock 'n' Roll". Just click on a title to go to it.more
Updated: Jun 19, 2000
Anyone who has the latest Essential Elvis magazine will be aware of the feature inside regarding the discovery of an unknown interview from August 9th 1975. We can now post the interview in writing and you can listen to it yourself.more
Updated: Dec 4, 2003
What can you say about this release? It is fun to get a good impression of life on the road, but we guess you should have been present to enjoy it fully. It completes the talking only CD’s in our collection.more
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This release is a half talking and half music album. We get a got handful of “Having Fun On Stage” and some talking, that we already have on other releases.more
Updated: Apr 23, 2003
The new label Backdraft kicked of with a 4CD release of Elvis’ 2nd Vegas engagement. Is it a worthy addition or replacement of what we already have?more
Updated: Sep 27, 2011
Yesterday I felt like a kid in a candy shop when a surprise package was delivered by the postman.more
Updated: Mar 26, 2016
With a “little” delay the 2LP set of the 1974 show in Memphis arrived last week, being FTD’s most recent outing on vinyl.more
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In the series of re-releases of (extended) albums that were withdrawn from BMG’s main catalogue, FTD released the first non soundtrack album, "Elvis Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis". A very good show in a more than just audible quality.more
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The latest Straight Arrow "Red Hot" release is out, does it live up to its name?more
Updated: Jan 10, 2007
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