Totally unexpected the announcement of the boxset On Tour – Deluxe Edition by Amiga International showed up just before last Christmas. My first thoughts were “again??”, now did those thoughts change after I have seen and heard the product?more
Updated: Jan 5, 2018
This week reconsider an old review, so here you have a re-review of a site we visited before to see if we are doing these reviews for ourselves or that webmasters "do something" with our reviews.more
Updated: Oct 8, 2000
One of those CDs that suddenly popped up is “Once Upon A Time At The Hilton. Are we glad it did?more
Updated: May 19, 2005
To celebrate Elvis’ 70th birthday the Elvis Presley Fan Club and Sony BMG re-release all of his 18 UK #1 hits over 17 consecutive weeks. This single should help Elvis gain the 1000th UK #1 hit since the singles chart was launched in 1952.more
Updated: Jan 9, 2005 Shop
Overall it's really an average concert from 1976 in a very good quality, so get it if you can ... and that's possible, legally this time.more
Updated: Mar 24, 2002
The Dutch birthday party in Paradiso (previously a church) was for many fans “one night in paradise”.more
Updated: Jan 9, 2004
By far the best FTD-release so far. Gladly we got it now, and didn't BMG wait a couple of year to release it on the major label.more
Updated: Dec 20, 2000 Shop
A nice concert to watch / listen to, and for those who visited “Elvis The Concert” and want to have that on DVD, this is the closest release yet.more
Updated: Aug 22, 2003
The show itself changed a lot compared to the previous European tour in 2001. A couple of “new” songs and a very different order managed to make this show almost a new experience.more
Updated: Jun 4, 2003
Madison just re-released the show formerly known as “Power of Zhazam” from November 10, 1971 in Boston. Did we really need it?more
Updated: May 13, 2006
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